Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can perform. Swimmers have amazing bodies and usually have that signature V-Shape body. Most swimmers that perform at meets and competitions prefer to be hairless. There are a number of reasons that a swimmer would shave their body such as:


Body hair causes drag when swimming.

You will not be as fast as you can be. Getting rid of body hair might be the answer to becoming a faster swimmer. Your body is literally gliding when you have the right technique and a smooth body. The less drag on your body, the faster you will be able to perform in swim meets and competitions. Electrolysis can be your solution, especially if you are a very avid swimmer.


Swimmers have defined muscles and they like to show-off.

Swimming is very hard. Especially at a competitive level, you have to train hard to compete at a high pace speed. Swimmers have to eat many calories and practice for years. This will develop muscles in their body, especially in a swimmer’s upper body.

Why not show off your hard work? Muscles are as a result of pushing your body to become more efficient. Body hair can block your muscles from showing, with reduced body hair, you’re able to feel good about your body. Show-off your progress!


Removing body hair can save time in the long-run.

You have to shower usually after a meet or competition, you can wipe yourself down quickly and put clothing on without having damp body hair. Nobody wants to deal with body hair either, hair falls off and this causes dust. You are going to feel cleaner about yourself, that is probably the best part about removing body hair.

Some men look better without body hair. People with professional athletic careers opt for the smooth look, especially cyclists, swimmers, and bodybuilders. It is about what makes you feel better. Is removing your body hair going to make you happier? There are plenty of reasons why a male should remove their body hair but it really boils down to what makes you happy.


Show your muscles 24/7.

Now you do not have to shave every time you want to show off your muscles at the beach. Electrolysis treatment is helpful for those who want to save time and energy. You can now enjoy the fruits of your labor, the hard work at the gym. All those months of pulling and pushing iron, it is finally worth it, and you get to walk proudly with your hard work on display.


Not as much dust in the living spaces.

This sounds random but dust is mostly hair. If you have thick body hair and a number of it, you might be the reason there is so much dust in your living space. By reducing the amount of hair you have, you are removing a bunch of dust in the process too. It is good to maintain cleanliness and keep your living space looking as good as you do!


We love clean cut looking people.

Appearance does matter. People who are clean cut are judged to be more trustworthy and kind. Who would you trust in the middle of the night if your car broke down? The hairy man with a beard or the clean-cut person with no hair? I do not know but probably the clean cut person. First impressions are important and you only get one. So, take that into account.

Imagine being a bodybuilder, lifting weights and eating food. Getting to relax and sleep off a good workout. Flexing and gathering attraction of the masses, okay maybe not that far but you get what I am saying. It is a tough job but none the less not a bad gig to have. Of course, there are plenty of good reasons to why you would want to rid your body hair before a competition such as:


Body hair causes your hard work to be wasted.

You are about to go on stage and then you finally make it. All those years of hard work and you did not even think to get rid of that body hair you are rocking proudly. Now the judges are looking and wondering what this hairy person is doing on stage. Be sure to remove your body hair so you can show your muscle definition. Body hair definitely blocks the muscle from being viewed fully, you actually look bigger and stronger when you remove the hair.


A tan is helpful, remove body hair beforehand.

Bodybuilders have a few tricks to make their bodies look amazing to come competition day. Having an even tan might require removing your body hair, especially when a person has thick or bushy hair. Electrolysis treatment is perfect for those that do not want to experience pain and want to get a really nice tan. Be sure to remove your body hair first and then get a few tanning sessions.


Sweat clings to body hair and causes odor.

That is one of the worst parts about exercising with excessive body hair, you start to smell after a couple of hours. Sometimes it can be a matter of minutes for some people. Get rid of the body hair, stop the smell, and take a towel every time you workout. You can just wipe yourself down with the towel and continue with your workout, grab a new towel if you are allowed. I’ve noticed that bodybuilders take great pride in their appearance.

A number of people try to look their best. Most people want to look great and feel good about themselves. Here are some ways that body hair might be a turn-off to the people around you at this very moment:


Hairy chests can be a distraction.

Having a hairy chest might be a huge disbenefit as a male. You might want to invest in Electrolysis treatment if you have a huge bush on your chest or even on your back. Your upper body is way more attractive when you have less hair, smooth bodies are preferable.


Would you find a girl with hairy legs attractive?

People usually shave their legs, women more so than men. Women are statistically known to be more attractive when body hair is removed from the legs. Ask any man “Do you prefer leg hair on a woman?” and I doubt his answer will be “Yes”.

Women can say the same thing about men, a number women prefer when a man doesn’t have hair on his upper-body and groin area. A number of studies say that women do prefer that men keep their leg hairs, maybe a trim with an electric buzzer but nothing too close.


Body hair is kind of dirty.

Think about it, it is kind of dirty. Body hair can gather sweat and dirt. It can be even more disgusting for males, they have more hair than the average female. So many things cling to body hair, it can be disgusting. Imagine how much “stuff” is on the hair near a man’s butt, it would be alarming.

There are advantages to both laser hair removal and electrolysis treatment, especially the long-term results. The two most common ways to remove unwanted body hair is becoming through laser hair removal and electrolysis. More people are avoiding tweezing, shaving, and waxing their bodies.


Laser Hair Removal is more common than Electrolysis Treatment

Laser Hair Removal is the more popular option in-comparison to Electrolysis treatment. Though Electrolysis is FDA approved, people prefer to have laser hair removal. Fewer people might know about Electrolysis treatment and thus opt to choose laser hair removal. As time passes, electrolysis treatment might become the popular option for body hair removal by educating consumers on the benefits.


Laser Hair Removal


The difference in the number of sessions required

Electrolysis requires more sessions than laser hair removal. It is easier for the laser to target several hairs at one time. It can take several sessions for the hair to be completely removed through laser hair removal. Sometimes, hairs can regrow after sessions are complete. Electrolysis has been the proven method to remove hairs without a fear of regrowth. Though Electrolysis might take more sessions and longer, the results are lasting.

People might want to save money with laser hair removal but the problem is that you might have to keep going back to remove hair. Even after having multiple sessions, you might have to target another patch of hair growing back. The hairs might come back thinner and lighter in colour.

Electrolysis requires more treatment sessions but the quality is higher. Your hair is not going to grow back, your unwanted body hair has been zapped. The cost of Electrolysis is lower per session but the amount of sessions is higher than laser hair removal.


Electrolysis Treatment in California


What option should you choose for long-term results?

If you need to hit the beach next week and need to remove body hair as soon as possible…then you should probably get laser hair removal. Even get a wax if you are on a budget but for the long-term results, definitely opt for Electrolysis. If you have the time to get to all your sessions and get that body hair removed, you will be happier with the results. Never again will you have to worry about removing body hair or having patches of hair come back. You can continue to enjoy your life with smooth skin and avoid using razors on your skin for the rest of your life.

California can be cold in the winter but for the most part can be warm. Though most people prepare their bodies during this time in order to have that great summer body on the beach. Those people in the gym are really reaping what they sow come summer because they are going to look great in their bikinis and swim trunks. Here comes a problem though, how are you going to show off your attractive body with all that unwanted body hair?


Body Hair


Getting rid of Body Hair for the Summer!

Tammy Crawford is here to help you with getting rid of body hair with her treatment plans. She offers great prices while also tending to your needs. Tammy offers a treatment plan called Electrolysis Treatment which removes body hair completely. This treatment is beneficial because you can show that hard-earned muscle or that lean body that you worked so hard for in the winter months. Showing off your progress is easier with Electrolysis Treatment plans.


Electrolysis Treatment


Embarrassing Body Hair is GONE!

Tired of having to wear long sleeve shirts in the summer because you are embarrassed by forearm hair? Don’t sweat it, Tammy Crawford will make sure you look great when you hit the beach in your new bikini. No longer are the days of being self-conscious and not wanting to go out due to fearful thoughts. Enjoy your new found confidence thanks to treatment plans that focus on removing unwanted body hair once and for all!


Back Hair on Man


Even Back Hair for the Men can be Eliminated!

A lot of women don’t want their man to sport a hairy back when accompanying them on the beach. A painless option would be Electrolysis Treatment and it’s very effective in removing unwanted body hair. Be sure to bring your significant other to see Tammy for her treatment plan which aims to remove any portion of hair that you do not like. Remember, we all want to feel confident in our bodies and have the right to feel great every day! Waxing can be painful like what’s happening to the man in the above picture, choose Electrolysis instead!


Tammy Crawford Electrolysis Treatment


Why Choose Tammy Crawford for Electrolysis Treatment?

Tammy Crawford has the experience and the skills to help you get the results you actually want. Having years of working with many clients, she has a proven record of helping clients get what they want and at affordable rates. She especially services clients in the Vista, California area while also serving surrounding areas. Let Tammy Crawford know your needs and she will deliver results, give her a call or message her through the contact page.


Also, the less body hair you have, the less chance of clogging the shower drain when shaving :P.

Most people who seek Electrolysis Treatment are doing so because the person wants to lose certain hair on their body. For example, a woman who seeks to remove hair from her forearms would be a great fit for Electrolysis Treatment. Removing unwanted body hair can boost her confidence and make her feel more attractive (which makes her MORE attractive). There are many other reasons why someone would choose Electrolysis Treatment, here are 3 reasons:


Shaving unwanted body hair


Save Money on Razors and Shaving Cream

Tired of going to the store every week and buying a pack of Venus Razor Blades? Imagine all the money you can save in the long-term by completely removing body hair. Let’s go a little further and imagine all the time you would save by no longer having the need to shave all the unwanted body hair. Time is important and you can be doing something more productive with your valuable time than shaving. Plus, your saving on water and shaving cream too. All these expenses add up in the long-term. You can avoid the repetitive cycle of having to constantly manage body hair by having Electrolysis Treatment!


Silky Smooth Skin


Smooth Skin is Very Attractive

Are you going on a date with your future lover? Having smooth skin is going to be very appealing and shows that you care about your appearance. Many people are opting to completely remove body hair to increase their attractiveness and it’s working. The next time you go to the beach, your going to look superb with smooth and flawless skin. Instead of waxing, which can be weekly or monthly, choose Electrolysis Treatment to completely rid unwanted body hairs.


Many males would benefit from the smoother skin in sports like swimming and wrestling. Bodybuilders are also known to remove body hair before competitions to show their hard-earned muscles which leads to a better visual presentation. The same applies to fitness models, actors, and people that rely on showing their body. Imagine showing up for a photoshoot and having tons of body hair? Electrolysis Treatment is going to help you avoid those types of situations!


Stop unwanted body hair


Goodbye Ingrown Hairs, Goodbye Pain

Not too many people enjoy being in pain unless your a sadist (a person who loves pain). This type of pain in the form of ingrown hairs can be avoided now. Removing body hair permanently through treatment is going to help avoid ingrown hairs. How do you stop ingrown hairs? Get Electrolysis Treatment because even waxing can cause ingrown hairs. By permanently removing the actual hair, your stopping hair from getting trapped in your skin. This is good news for people who are prone to ingrown hairs and can help you avoid being in pain from trapped hair.


Contact Tammy Crawford to remove Body Hair

Do you have more questions about Electrolysis or treatment options available? Message Tammy Crawford through her contact form or call her for more information! Tammy Crawford has the right treatment option for you!


Hair Removal and Unwanted Hair

Face it, most of us have unwanted hair somewhere on our bodies. It usually starts during puberty. With a young woman, it generally starts with hairy legs and underarms and then as they mature, unwanted hair on the face becomes the focus. Eyebrows, upper lip, chin, cheeks. Then there is the dreaded bikini area. I grew up a few blocks from the beach and spent a lot of time in a bathing suit and no likes to see unwanted hair sticking out of your suit. For young men, the first thing that appears is facial hair. At first, they think it’s kinda cool. The beginning of manhood. That first time they shave, mimicking their father. But over time as they mature and the hair gets more coarse, it pretty much becomes a pain in the butt to shave. Now granted, not too many men want complete beard removal, but I get a lot of men who request beard shaping. The exception would be a transgender, male to female and they would obviously want complete beard removal.  Other areas men want to be done are eyebrows. They tend to get that dreaded unibrow. Unwanted hair is becoming more and more popular with men in this generation with what is referred to as manscaping, so back and chest is areas for unwanted hair for them.
Now let’s address the many choices we have as men and woman to get rid of unwanted hair. Waxing, tweezing, threading, and depilatory. These are all temporary methods and will have to be done the rest of your life. Laser has some reports of permanency but does not work on all hair and skin type. As far as the FDA is concerned they can use the term permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal. Now let’s talk about my favorite method of removing unwanted hair. Electrolysis. It happens to be the only method of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA. It has also been around for about 130 years. It’s proven itself and is here to stay. It is also my profession. I have been practicing for 30 years.
I love what I do. For some people removing unwanted hair is cosmetic, for others, it is life changing.  An example of life-changing would be a young woman I treated years ago. Her father paid for her treatments. He saw her becoming more and more withdrawn as the hair on her face became worse as she went thru puberty. The male pattern growth on her face was so embarrassing that she grew her hair on her head longer to hide it. She sat in shadows, away from windows and bright lights. She didn’t date for fear that a boyfriend may notice her facial hair. She spent hours on tweezing weekly. The damage she was doing to her face by the tweezing and picking out the ingrown hairs was adding to her low self-esteem. By the time I was done removing her unwanted hair permanently she was a new person. She gained confidence,  cut her hair short,  met a wonderful man and was engaged to be married the last time I saw her. So do not procrastinate any longer. Get your unwanted hair removed.
Till next time, Tammy Crawford

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A little about myself: My name is Tammy Crawford. I have been practicing Electrolysis in North San Diego County for over 28 years. I'm licensed in the State of California. I had extensive work done in my twenties and became very interested in pursuing this as a career. I know how much better I felt about myself after my treatments. I knew I could make a difference in many people's lives-giving them more confidence in their appearance. For some, it was merely cosmetic. For others, literally life changing. The thought of self-employment and the freedom to make my own schedule and be with children more was very appealing. It gives me great pride in helping people get rid of embarrassing and unwanted hair while improving their confidence and self esteem. I cater to male or female as well as the transgender community.