California can be cold in the winter but for the most part can be warm. Though most people prepare their bodies during this time in order to have that great summer body on the beach. Those people in the gym are really reaping what they sow come summer because they are going to look great in their bikinis and swim trunks. Here comes a problem though, how are you going to show off your attractive body with all that unwanted body hair?


Body Hair


Getting rid of Body Hair for the Summer!

Tammy Crawford is here to help you with getting rid of body hair with her treatment plans. She offers great prices while also tending to your needs. Tammy offers a treatment plan called Electrolysis Treatment which removes body hair completely. This treatment is beneficial because you can show that hard-earned muscle or that lean body that you worked so hard for in the winter months. Showing off your progress is easier with Electrolysis Treatment plans.


Electrolysis Treatment


Embarrassing Body Hair is GONE!

Tired of having to wear long sleeve shirts in the summer because you are embarrassed by forearm hair? Don’t sweat it, Tammy Crawford will make sure you look great when you hit the beach in your new bikini. No longer are the days of being self-conscious and not wanting to go out due to fearful thoughts. Enjoy your new found confidence thanks to treatment plans that focus on removing unwanted body hair once and for all!


Back Hair on Man


Even Back Hair for the Men can be Eliminated!

A lot of women don’t want their man to sport a hairy back when accompanying them on the beach. A painless option would be Electrolysis Treatment and it’s very effective in removing unwanted body hair. Be sure to bring your significant other to see Tammy for her treatment plan which aims to remove any portion of hair that you do not like. Remember, we all want to feel confident in our bodies and have the right to feel great every day! Waxing can be painful like what’s happening to the man in the above picture, choose Electrolysis instead!


Tammy Crawford Electrolysis Treatment


Why Choose Tammy Crawford for Electrolysis Treatment?

Tammy Crawford has the experience and the skills to help you get the results you actually want. Having years of working with many clients, she has a proven record of helping clients get what they want and at affordable rates. She especially services clients in the Vista, California area while also serving surrounding areas. Let Tammy Crawford know your needs and she will deliver results, give her a call or message her through the contact page.


Also, the less body hair you have, the less chance of clogging the shower drain when shaving :P.