A number of people try to look their best. Most people want to look great and feel good about themselves. Here are some ways that body hair might be a turn-off to the people around you at this very moment:


Hairy chests can be a distraction.

Having a hairy chest might be a huge disbenefit as a male. You might want to invest in Electrolysis treatment if you have a huge bush on your chest or even on your back. Your upper body is way more attractive when you have less hair, smooth bodies are preferable.


Would you find a girl with hairy legs attractive?

People usually shave their legs, women more so than men. Women are statistically known to be more attractive when body hair is removed from the legs. Ask any man “Do you prefer leg hair on a woman?” and I doubt his answer will be “Yes”.

Women can say the same thing about men, a number women prefer when a man doesn’t have hair on his upper-body and groin area. A number of studies say that women do prefer that men keep their leg hairs, maybe a trim with an electric buzzer but nothing too close.


Body hair is kind of dirty.

Think about it, it is kind of dirty. Body hair can gather sweat and dirt. It can be even more disgusting for males, they have more hair than the average female. So many things cling to body hair, it can be disgusting. Imagine how much “stuff” is on the hair near a man’s butt, it would be alarming.