There are advantages to both laser hair removal and electrolysis treatment, especially the long-term results. The two most common ways to remove unwanted body hair is becoming through laser hair removal and electrolysis. More people are avoiding tweezing, shaving, and waxing their bodies.


Laser Hair Removal is more common than Electrolysis Treatment

Laser Hair Removal is the more popular option in-comparison to Electrolysis treatment. Though Electrolysis is FDA approved, people prefer to have laser hair removal. Fewer people might know about Electrolysis treatment and thus opt to choose laser hair removal. As time passes, electrolysis treatment might become the popular option for body hair removal by educating consumers on the benefits.


Laser Hair Removal


The difference in the number of sessions required

Electrolysis requires more sessions than laser hair removal. It is easier for the laser to target several hairs at one time. It can take several sessions for the hair to be completely removed through laser hair removal. Sometimes, hairs can regrow after sessions are complete. Electrolysis has been the proven method to remove hairs without a fear of regrowth. Though Electrolysis might take more sessions and longer, the results are lasting.

People might want to save money with laser hair removal but the problem is that you might have to keep going back to remove hair. Even after having multiple sessions, you might have to target another patch of hair growing back. The hairs might come back thinner and lighter in colour.

Electrolysis requires more treatment sessions but the quality is higher. Your hair is not going to grow back, your unwanted body hair has been zapped. The cost of Electrolysis is lower per session but the amount of sessions is higher than laser hair removal.


Electrolysis Treatment in California


What option should you choose for long-term results?

If you need to hit the beach next week and need to remove body hair as soon as possible…then you should probably get laser hair removal. Even get a wax if you are on a budget but for the long-term results, definitely opt for Electrolysis. If you have the time to get to all your sessions and get that body hair removed, you will be happier with the results. Never again will you have to worry about removing body hair or having patches of hair come back. You can continue to enjoy your life with smooth skin and avoid using razors on your skin for the rest of your life.