Hair Removal and Unwanted Hair

Face it, most of us have unwanted hair somewhere on our bodies. It usually starts during puberty. With a young woman, it generally starts with hairy legs and underarms and then as they mature, unwanted hair on the face becomes the focus. Eyebrows, upper lip, chin, cheeks. Then there is the dreaded bikini area. I grew up a few blocks from the beach and spent a lot of time in a bathing suit and no likes to see unwanted hair sticking out of your suit. For young men, the first thing that appears is facial hair. At first, they think it’s kinda cool. The beginning of manhood. That first time they shave, mimicking their father. But over time as they mature and the hair gets more coarse, it pretty much becomes a pain in the butt to shave. Now granted, not too many men want complete beard removal, but I get a lot of men who request beard shaping. The exception would be a transgender, male to female and they would obviously want complete beard removal.  Other areas men want to be done are eyebrows. They tend to get that dreaded unibrow. Unwanted hair is becoming more and more popular with men in this generation with what is referred to as manscaping, so back and chest is areas for unwanted hair for them.
Now let’s address the many choices we have as men and woman to get rid of unwanted hair. Waxing, tweezing, threading, and depilatory. These are all temporary methods and will have to be done the rest of your life. Laser has some reports of permanency but does not work on all hair and skin type. As far as the FDA is concerned they can use the term permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal. Now let’s talk about my favorite method of removing unwanted hair. Electrolysis. It happens to be the only method of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA. It has also been around for about 130 years. It’s proven itself and is here to stay. It is also my profession. I have been practicing for 30 years.
I love what I do. For some people removing unwanted hair is cosmetic, for others, it is life changing.  An example of life-changing would be a young woman I treated years ago. Her father paid for her treatments. He saw her becoming more and more withdrawn as the hair on her face became worse as she went thru puberty. The male pattern growth on her face was so embarrassing that she grew her hair on her head longer to hide it. She sat in shadows, away from windows and bright lights. She didn’t date for fear that a boyfriend may notice her facial hair. She spent hours on tweezing weekly. The damage she was doing to her face by the tweezing and picking out the ingrown hairs was adding to her low self-esteem. By the time I was done removing her unwanted hair permanently she was a new person. She gained confidence,  cut her hair short,  met a wonderful man and was engaged to be married the last time I saw her. So do not procrastinate any longer. Get your unwanted hair removed.
Till next time, Tammy Crawford