Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can perform. Swimmers have amazing bodies and usually have that signature V-Shape body. Most swimmers that perform at meets and competitions prefer to be hairless. There are a number of reasons that a swimmer would shave their body such as:


Body hair causes drag when swimming.

You will not be as fast as you can be. Getting rid of body hair might be the answer to becoming a faster swimmer. Your body is literally gliding when you have the right technique and a smooth body. The less drag on your body, the faster you will be able to perform in swim meets and competitions. Electrolysis can be your solution, especially if you are a very avid swimmer.


Swimmers have defined muscles and they like to show-off.

Swimming is very hard. Especially at a competitive level, you have to train hard to compete at a high pace speed. Swimmers have to eat many calories and practice for years. This will develop muscles in their body, especially in a swimmer’s upper body.

Why not show off your hard work? Muscles are as a result of pushing your body to become more efficient. Body hair can block your muscles from showing, with reduced body hair, you’re able to feel good about your body. Show-off your progress!


Removing body hair can save time in the long-run.

You have to shower usually after a meet or competition, you can wipe yourself down quickly and put clothing on without having damp body hair. Nobody wants to deal with body hair either, hair falls off and this causes dust. You are going to feel cleaner about yourself, that is probably the best part about removing body hair.