Imagine being a bodybuilder, lifting weights and eating food. Getting to relax and sleep off a good workout. Flexing and gathering attraction of the masses, okay maybe not that far but you get what I am saying. It is a tough job but none the less not a bad gig to have. Of course, there are plenty of good reasons to why you would want to rid your body hair before a competition such as:


Body hair causes your hard work to be wasted.

You are about to go on stage and then you finally make it. All those years of hard work and you did not even think to get rid of that body hair you are rocking proudly. Now the judges are looking and wondering what this hairy person is doing on stage. Be sure to remove your body hair so you can show your muscle definition. Body hair definitely blocks the muscle from being viewed fully, you actually look bigger and stronger when you remove the hair.


A tan is helpful, remove body hair beforehand.

Bodybuilders have a few tricks to make their bodies look amazing to come competition day. Having an even tan might require removing your body hair, especially when a person has thick or bushy hair. Electrolysis treatment is perfect for those that do not want to experience pain and want to get a really nice tan. Be sure to remove your body hair first and then get a few tanning sessions.


Sweat clings to body hair and causes odor.

That is one of the worst parts about exercising with excessive body hair, you start to smell after a couple of hours. Sometimes it can be a matter of minutes for some people. Get rid of the body hair, stop the smell, and take a towel every time you workout. You can just wipe yourself down with the towel and continue with your workout, grab a new towel if you are allowed. I’ve noticed that bodybuilders take great pride in their appearance.